Our AGM is being held on Saturday 5th October 2013 during our October 2013 meeting at Louise Wilshaw’s home beginning at 10.30am.

Annual FEES of $20 are due at this meting

See the   Notification of Annual General Meeting 2013  for the location and Agenda

Included in the meeting, there will be a motion to update our rules.

Why groups need to update their rules.

 ·        The regulations for the operation of Non Profit, incorporated associations in Victoria were changed in 2012.

·        In 2012, the Associations incorporation Act 1981 (the old Act) was replaced with the Associations Incorporation Reform Act 2012 (the AIR Act).

·        To conform to these requirements, The Dibble and Hoe Cottage gardeners Inc have had to modify our Constitution (our Rules).

·        Pilch Connect (http://pilch.org.au/rulesreviewproject) have created a set of Simple rules that provide a constitution acceptable to Consumer Affairs Victoria

·        Adoption of these rules is a simple, comprehensive means to satisfy the needs of Consumer Affairs Victoria and the Dibble & Hoe Cottage Gardeners Inc.

·        The Simple Rules have been reviewed by the Committee and are recommended to be adopted. our proposed new rules

·        The existing  constitution and the Simple Rules are very similar and there is minimal effect in adopting the Simple Rules.

·        There is alteration to the purposes of The Dibble and Hoe Cottage Gardeners Inc

Hope to see as many members as possible for this meeting.